About Us

The Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority (PRA) is the City’s implementation arm for community development, and partner agency with the Department of Planning & Development. Established in 1945, PRA has a rich history and involvement with many of the city’s major redevelopment projects. Today, PRA focuses on investing in equitable communities and building public-private partnerships to promote social impact.


PRA partners with the Philadelphia Land Bank to redevelop responsibly the public inventory of land and vacant structures. Projects range from side yards, community gardens, and single homes, to large multi-family and mixed-use commercial development. All PRA requests for bids or proposals score projects based on their “Social Impact” in order to ensure that the public sector is disposing land for the best and highest use for the community. For information about available properties please visit the Land Bank’s website.

Community Engagement

PRA promotes community engagement in all of its projects, and works closely with the City Planning Commission to ensure that developers are involving local residents and stakeholders. Some of PRA’s projects are large-scale with significant implications for the future of their communities. In these cases PRA carries out a more robust community planning and engagement process, in partnership with other public agencies. Please visit our Community Engagement section to see some of these initiatives.

Project  & Community Finance

PRA strives to develop financial products to support a range of community development projects including affordable housing, workforce housing and high-impact mixed-use projects. PRA’s staff is experienced in underwriting and structuring financing for a range of complex projects. For information on PRA’s project finance please contact our Real Estate & Development Finance Department. Coming soon PRA will be rolling out some new financial products to help residents invest in their homes and strengthen communities. PRA historically has operated a variety of products specifically for low-, moderate- and middle-income Philadelphians. Stay tuned for more information.

Design & Construction

PRA’s Design & Construction Department carries out a range of capital projects in partnership with the City, including repairing and rebuilding police and fire stations, recreation centers and parks, and other public facilities. PRA maintains an in-house construction team, as well as a professional staff of construction professionals. For more information on our capital projects work please contact our Design & Construction Department.